A Cupping with Cirque


Here at EVERYMAN our goal is to be constantly exploring coffee.  This means experimenting with our menu on a weekly basis and vetting out the best coffees from around the world.  For us, this also means having strategic partnerships with local Oklahoma roasters.  We have a commitment to supporting our state in this way.

Recently we did a cupping with CIRQUE Coffee Roasters out of Tulsa, OK.  At its base, cupping is an evaluation process of the coffee itself.  Our lead barista Jake Sanders and myself then select our favorite coffees to bring to our customers here at EVERYMAN.

Here’s the process: 

(1) Grind out coffee into small demitasse or cappuccino mugs.  You can choose to label them at this point or, to be more unbiased, don’t label them. 


(2) Then we stick our noses in each of the mugs and evaluate using our sense of smell.  


(3) Then we pour hot water on top of the grinds and let bloom.  No stirring!  During this process a crust begins to form of coffee grinds on top of the surface of the water. 


(4) We then go down the line and “break the crust” on each cup.  This process releases a burst of aroma and the notes of the coffee begin to blossom. 


(5) The crust is then scraped out leaving just coffee.  We go down the line multiple times tasking the coffee.  To properly evaluate we SLURP the coffee into our mouth infusing it with air and spreading it over the surface of the tongue.  


That is the basis of the cupping and it illustrates the attention to detail we take at EVERYMAN to support our Oklahoma Roasters, explore coffee, and bring you new and interesting menu options.

We invite you to try a new coffee wherever you are at in the world and challenge yourself to explore the wonder world of coffee.  Huge shoutout to our friends at Cirque who engage with coffee in a dynamic way.

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