Thug Life: A 12 year old’s story


The Thug Life

You’re probably familiar with the “Thug Life” videos circulating around social media.   They usually feature somebody doing something to break even the smallest of rules. The idea here is to celebrate the “bad boy” in all of us.

A young man I mentor , we’ll call him “C-Diddy”,  recently shared a Thug Life moment from his life.

I was picking up C-Diddy for church. He got in the car and after the formalities of “How are you doing?”, “How’s school”?, etc. he excitedly asked, “Have you heard of Thug Life?”.   Indeed I have I thought! However, as a mentor I wanted to be careful about how I proceeded, “…yeessss….”, I said hesitatingly.   I’m wondering where he’s taking this but seeing as we’re on our way to Church I figure anything out of line can quickly be made into repentance. He continues…

C-Diddy          So last night after dinner I was playing.

Me                   K. Gotcha. Then what.

C-Diddy          Well, my mom told me I had to go to bed.

Me                   K…

C-Diddy          Well I brushed my teeth, got on my pajamas, & got in bed.

Me                   Aight C-Diddy, so far you’re describing some great behavior.

C-Diddy          My Bedtime is 8:30pm……




                        I didn’t go to bed until 8:31…

                        THUG LIFE!

 [yes, he literally said THUG LIFE.  Emphasis on Thug & Life.]

In moments like this I ponder what the right response is. In no way do I endorse anything resembling a “Thug Life” and/or the images and often times music surrounding the Thug Life videos.  However, in that moment, I wanted to celebrate the independence of a kid who did everything right, he just fought for that extra 60 seconds.  It made me think, in what areas of my day to day am I living the “Thug Life”. In what ways am I

  bucking the norm,
           challenging the ordinary,
                      thinking outside the box,
                              and working against the status quo?

I think C-Diddy gave me a great gift that day. He empowered me to dare to live with a little more risk in the day to day. He challenges us all to a “Thug Life” mentality.




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